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    Question Clinical or Non clinical

    I have been concidering a cycle of Deca and test 200. wanted to prolong it over 16 weeks if possible. there is a guy at the gym who looks awsome. i have been told however that he used CLINICAL juice since he got it from his brother who is a pharmasist out of the country. he has no and i mean no stretch marks and hasnt lost one bit of size that he gained. i have been told its because of the CLINICAL stuff and mine is MEXICO stuff. does that make sence at all?

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    He may be refering to human grade vs. vetrinary grade products. Although I'm sure some vet grade products are sqeaky clean. I can't imagine an race horse owner shooting his $500,000 thoroughbred with garbage gear. Vets...any insight?

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    Cool It Depends on the Country . . .

    That's my first response. Clinical standards in, say, Mexico or parts of Asia are, by no means, as tight as clinical standards in the U.S. or Canada. All legally manufactured U.S. drugs are subject to stringent F.D.A. standards and, while the F.D.A. does not have authority in Canada, I have found Canadian manufacturing standards to be similar.

    I think, however, that what your buddy at the gym means is that the stuff was legally manufactured (in whatever country it was manufactured in) by a pharmaceutical company as opposed to manufactured in a home lab or underground lab. This would certainly make it more pure and more exact in its standards, in theory, than anything manufactured non-legally. However, once again, I would certainly trust a U.S. pharmaceutical company over legal companies in many other nations that do not have as strict a standard of manufacturing and documentation requirements.

    At the same time, you said that the guy got it from a pharmacist in another country. It may have been mixed by the pharmacist himself or herself. This is legal in many countries, including the U.S., where drugs are often made by "compounding pharmacies." You don't find compounding pharmacies too often these days, but there are still some out there. (One of the products they commonly made was testosterone in a cream, gel, or ointment base. This is less common since the release of Androgel , which was approved by the F.D.A. in the past couple of years.) Here, the use of the word clinical becomes somewhat subjective - the stuff is made legally, but an individual pharmacy is not subject to the same level of inspections by the F.D.A. as, say, a major pharmaceutical company.

    In the end run, there is no objective difference between "clinical stuff" and "Mexico stuff" (in other words, the whole concept is subjective in this context). It all depends on the standards under which either product was made.

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    As far as race horse's go: Breeders and trainers get their juice from the Top labs in the country and in the world for that matter. Trainers like Baffert have their own Dr.'s mixing the AS's specificly tailored to each indivdual horse.
    I would guess that the same thing goes for Pro BB. So I would imagine there is "clinical" grades for humans just like there is for animals.
    Getting your hands on Eq that is the same quality that Baffert is using for his champion horse's, would not only be nearly imposible...It would be extremly expensive.
    The amount of $ that these people spend on AS's for their horse's is astronomical.
    So basicly: your chances of getting something of that quality aren't that good unless you really know somebody.


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    On top of that most Mexican gear was designed with bodybuilders, powerlifters and atheletes in mind.

    The reason why he didnt lost anything or get stretch marks has nothing to do with the quality of human vs vet gear

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    The only difference might be that the Vet. Roids are usually somewhat underdosed.
    This would probaly be the only different in stringent standards. I imagine cleanliness is good either way.
    Stretch marks have nothing to do with anything. I gained 35 pounds on Mexican Vets and Mexican human grade steroids and still not a one stretch mark. I think I'm just lucky in the type of skin i got.

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