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    Can anyone

    Recommend a cycle with eq, primo or winny, clen and t4. I know t3 is better but I can get t4 all day for free and already have enough for 2-3 cycles. I am 6'5 285lbs, dont desire to be huge, but would like to put on quality lean muscle while decreasing my bf%. I am about 20-25% right now havent taken a measurement in a while. I will probably get down to about 15-18% before I start anything. I have never used, and I cant get over the hump without losing muscle. I also would like any other cycle suggestions which include low side effect gear, and give you the lean hard look. thanks in advance

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    I would start with the clen , t4, or ECA to lose some bodyfat first. Any muscle gains will look and feel a lot better if you can actually see them. Try to gt that BF down alittle and you'll be happier with the results when you do decide to do a cycle. JMO.


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