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    Cool Having some PAINS help!!

    I am currently on a stack of test depo, fina, and dbol . I am taking the dbol at 40mg per day. I have a super clean diet, good cardio, and a kick your ass workout program. This weekend I did something really stupid --- got REALLY drunk. Since then I have had a real bad pain in my left side all the way around to my back. Does anyone know what that could be? I was thinking it was the alcohol with the dbol, but I really do not know. I do know you shouldnt drink and use AS but it was a one time thing. Any help on what to do or what the hell this is would be greatly appreciated. Thanks bros

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    Sounds like your Kidney might be mad at you.

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    Im not gonna preach but you could have had a near death exp.
    Steroids arent kidney's friends, as is alcohol. If you had some probs id be real sorry for you. Be glad youre fine.

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