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    Unhappy Can clomid help me?

    Hi all bros.
    I have a problem I guess.
    In December I started a cykle with Deca and Susta
    and every fourth day I took 2ml deca and 1ml Susta.
    I did this in 6 weeks.

    I did cykle from middle of December to the end of January.

    3 weeks after my last injection (nearly end of February)
    I started with clomid like this.

    1day 300mg
    14day 100mg
    14day 50mg

    And I was done with the Clomid in about end of March.

    Then I got nice loads and they where white and nice.
    But it just got lesser and lesser sperms in them by the time
    efter I ended the Clomidcycle.

    And like 2 week ago I had to ask my friend for some
    Clomids he got left, and then my cums got nice and white again.

    Now I have ordered Clomids again and going 4 the same cykle as
    before. In the first clomidcycle I did not eat so good because
    I hadnt the cash then. Perhaps this can be a reason why
    the Clomid did not helped me?

    I would be relieved if someone could tell me if I shall do the
    clomid again or perhaps see the doctor, cause I DONT want to get impotent.

    I hope that the increase in sperms when I tried Clomid in a
    week recently shows that Im not impotent. Perhaps I just
    need to do another Clomidcycle and take down the dosages
    slower and do them for a longer time?

    Grateful for all mature answers.


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    Hey bro, How many cycles have u done? so ur about 2 months off ur cycle right? Well sometimes it takes longer then other times to get ur nutz back. Do ur nutz feel smaller then usuall? what about the size of ur loads? Smaller then normal or about the same. Color really doesnt mean anything. I really dont want to know all this but it will help answer ur question..


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    This was my first cycle. Yea Im about 3 month off my cycle.
    Hmm, my nuts were much smaller while on the cycle, now they
    are like normal I think. They are not small. The loadsize is like not
    that big, I remember when I took the Clomidcycle they got
    real large, but now they are not large, I bet the girls wonder
    whats up with them. But I get loads I do, small ones.
    But before this little week I took Clomid again recently
    they where bigger but not much whiteness.
    (if that say something, or how it is)
    My sexual feelings are not what they used to be either.
    I suppose everything goes hand in hand.
    Perhaps I got this little mental barrier in my head that
    I cant get my penis in good erection and thats perhaps
    why I cant get it like it use to be.

    Thx for answering bro!

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