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    Stomach pains on Eq/Winny?

    This is my 10th week on Eq 400mg a week and 4th week on 50 Mg of Winny EOD which I was just about to bump up to 100 mg EOD. But I started getting lower abodomen/stomach pains. Its been going on about 3-4 days. Is this just bad gas and my imagination is just working overtime or is it something else?

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    well how long have you kept up on 400 mg's a week of equipoise ??

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    My buddy had the same thing man. You need to eat eat and eat while on that shit. Eat something every 2 hours. Your body goes through food faster on that shit that just about anything else. Eat more and you should feel fine. At least thats what made the differance for him.

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    i experienced the same thing when drinking winny eod so i just started injecting it and didnt have any problems. if this is your case also... just inject instead of drinking.

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    Is the winny an oral? I hope it's not the 5mg winny tabs...I'm cringing just thinking about popping 20 of those a day. Liver=swiss cheese.

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