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    Five weeks in... minimal results!!!

    I'm 5 1/2 wks into my first cycle of 400 deca /500test. Have very little size or strength gains and I researched well and have done everything right. I work out 5-6 days a wk on a solid program, I eat right: 250+ g protein/day, lots of calories and 1-2 gallons water ed. All I've really gotten are the sides: bloat, acne and early gyno (taking 1 nolva ed). This really sucks.

    I've decided to drop the deca and run the test for another 3 wks and see if anything changes (at very least lose the bloat).

    Any input on this????

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    maybe you should let your body rest more....try working out only 3 or 4 days a week and giving your body more time to recover....from my knowledge, test doesnt start kicking in till about the 5 week sust didnt kick in until my fifth week and then.....

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    What kind of test? If it's enth or any other long ester you need a minimum of 10 weeks for the cycle you were on. The AS won't even start kicking for the first 3 weeks. Basically you have had 1-2 weeks of AS gains so far. I would have stuck it out for ten weeks...then 3 weeks after last inj. Clomid for 300/100/50.

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    Dude some thing has to be up with that. I am doing a simliar cycle and I'm gaining like crazy. Started at 152 and at 177 178 right now. I did not even start the test till week 2 as I had a problem with delivery and got impatient. I have always been a very hard gainer and its coming on like crazy. You need your rest and eat eat and then when you full eat some more.

    my 1st cycle 6.5 weeks in
    1-4 dbol at 30mg ed
    1-10 deca at 300mg
    2-10 test at 500mg ethanate

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    Gettinbigger yalls cycles arent really similar at all because besides deca and test you have dbol which kicks in in the first couple of days and is known for rapid strength and weights gains unlike test and deca who dont really kick in untill at least 4 weeks.X-S you might need a little more rest and if I was you I would continue my cycle I think you will be very happy with the results if you do.

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    5 weeks in and your dropping the deca , it's just starting to kick in. Don't change your cycle. It looks to me you didn't research enough or you would of known that deca takes 5 weeks to kick in.


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    A friend of mine went through the exact thing 7 weeks into a 400mg test 400mg EQ cycle and he was seeing zero results except bloat. His diet as right and workout routines were good. He ended up uping the dosage of test to 500mg a week and he is in week 12 now but he has still only gained 8lbs but he started liquidex and lost all the bloat.

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