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Thread: Hormone "pulse"

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    Hormone "pulse"

    So I've read that your body naturally secretes testosterone in "pulses" and not just a steady continuous stream all day long. I realize this is probably sleep/stress/nutrition dependent as well. I know that everyone tries to maintain even blood levels of the compound, but has anyone tried to mimick the body's
    natural cycle with test suspension, or methyltest tabs or similar? If we take away the inconvenience factor of multiple dosing, does anyone see any benefit to this? Back in the 80's before anyone really knew much especially at the local level, we did 100 mg of suspension every 2nd day (I know, disaster) and we all grew like weeds and were ripped and generally had great cycles, although we couldn't hold more than a pound or two because PCT was non existent.

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    thats quite confuse of your post

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    Im sure you could reproduce the same kind of secretion as your natural, but we are generally dealing with larger than natural dosages. So i would think its kinda pointless to try because once you get your level above natty, i wouldnt think there would be any difference. Not to mention you would need a template to copy, and a decent amount of injections

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    Best I ever felt in 6 years of TRT was a nightly subq shot of 12-15mg Tprop, based on emulating that pulsatile T release. Unfortunately it had a carrier oil that made me stink. Weird. But I felt great with the same approximate (tiny bit lower actually) levels as I got on 120mg a week test cyp.

    For a while I was looking for test acetate to see if that could be even better but never found a good source.

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    There is a major importance to keeping levels as steady as possible. Most of the guys will suggest multiple inj if you are on cyp or e. I run prop, so i shoot everyday, just kinda prefer it that way. Dont have to worry about levels being out of whack, plus ive always liked prop better as a preference. Im sure there may be something to injecting as close to the natural production schedule as you can, just seems like alot of work

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    The difference in gains, over the length of the cycle, between "pulsing" Test vs running a long Test Ester is not much. You'll get better results by spending more effort on the diet control during the cycle.
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    Even with EOD dosing Of 100mg Test susp, you will be suppressed 100% of the time.
    There’s no need to try to emulate the body’s pulse release, as this would only help regarding shutdown.
    When it comes to muscle building it’s the basal /mean T value that’s most important.
    But yeah, levels don’t have to be steady for everything.
    It’s like the old school way of using Anadrol 50mg x3-4 a week on workout days. But then you’re on test as well which mean androgen levels are always high.
    What you don’t want is those levels to fall down to close to zero.
    Cause it’s now enough time to release your own T, and it will just mean your catabolic some of the time.

    That said,
    My Endo has actually proposed a way to run a cycle, something like;
    20mg TBOL EOD,
    Hcg 1000-1500u pr week (up to 500u x 3)
    Tren Ace (tablets) 50mg EOD
    The tbol and tren is to be taken the same day.
    So with this approach it’s not like you’re not going to be suppressed,
    but by his calculations you wouldn’t get 100% suppressed, THAT quick.
    And the cycle was only supposed to last a couple of weeks before a couple of weeks of, then on.

    So the thinking is that on day 2, 4, 6 and so on you will have SOME pituitary activity for some time, and that when keeping this short, you will bounce back quickly since you weren’t 100% suppressed.

    I’m not 100% on the dosage here, or whether it was tren, but I think so.
    It was certainly tbol though.
    This wasn’t his idea, but he said to a friend of mine that it could work in theory. (Not that it would work in practice, which I doubt)

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