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    Natural test levels

    All this stuff about people needing HRt has me worried. How do you know if you have low test levels?

    When you low test people talk about low sex drive, do you mean like you don't even want to get off? Lately i've been feeling like i don't want sex as much but i still get off once a day usually.

    I don't have insurance so it's not really plausable to go to the doctor for something like this. What are other symtoms other than low sex drive?


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    The only way your going to know the answer to that question is to get blood work done revealing your F.Test levels

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    bro low test can result in fat build up, not bieng able to maintain gains, not having sex drive (meaning not wanting to have sex) impotence, so you should really flip the bill its only gonna be arund 150 for your blood work..if you just get you test checked...Madmax

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