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    Anyone ever gain size while cutting with Fina?

    I don't know how one can gain size while cutting, but I also here of the miracle steroid known as Fina. Just curious what you bros have to say.

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    No I think you may have this a lil backwards. You get killer strength gains while cutting with Fina, not really much on size. When dieting down on my calories my strength was jumping faster than bulking cycles I have been on. I doubt size though, because even if your bulking on Fina you dont get much size from it. I have heard some people have some good gains, but with stacks. I havnt really seen anyone on Fina only though make huge size gains. But do it anyways the shit is the superbomb. Personally I think Fina would produce zero size results in a cutter, but I will tell you the stuff makes your veins pop out like a mofro and you will feel harder --

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    slyder...Andy is right you need to stack it with something if you want to see some size...i am just coming off of a cycle of fina only(just wanted to see what it would do to me b/c it was my first time using it) it gave me massive strength gains and made me hard as a rock but not much size....i loved the way it made me feel so i plan to use it again only stacking it with somthing to give me some size gains
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    Best cycle I ever did I ran test cyp. fina and winny and cut considerable amounts of bf while gaining quality size at the same time. Run fina with test and you'll be very happy-

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