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    Cycle for a 50 yr old...

    Ok guys, I found a doc friend that would prescribe whatever my pops wants for him. He's been lifting for about 1 yr now, 4x's a week and doing cardio about 5 days a week. His joints are hurting him so i thought maybe some deca . he's looking to lean out, tone up, and gain a little muscle. Here's what i was thinking,

    300mg deca/ week
    250mg enanthate / week
    25mg anavar /day for 60 day

    I also thought about getting him on the Neutropin depot 18mg kits. It delivers about 2 IU's per day for 30 days. I also thought about 25mcg t3 evd. Anyone care to shed some light on this for me?

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    I'd get his F.T3 and Ft2 levels checked before considering the T3. If so, don't bother with the index, just the F tests

    I think the cycle looks good. Deca 's not the greatest leaner but considering the joints, it's a smart choice. Also, water retension could be controlled with diet and anti-e's. Hows his BP though? that could get to be a problem with the decca.

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    pheedno beat me to the t-3 diagnosis........

    cycle looks sound to me bro. and since i'm old enough to be your dad anyways, listen to your elders!
    seriously though, tell your dad good luck with it.

    peace I4L

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    I agree with everyone else, if you dad isn't hypothyroid, he shouldn't mess around with thyroid supplementation. Also, how are his lipids, and his cardiovascular health overall? Does he have any underlying or comorbid health conditions? I assume he must be relativelly fine in order for his doc to consider this.

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    You already know my answer


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    Cycle looks perfect.

    Neutropin depot looks like some amazing shit from the stuff ive read on it!! Wish i had some, oh well ill stick with my soma's.

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    yep iron loooks solid bro im with ski ,wish i ahd some of the neutropin ,!!! ,oh well ill stick with my serostims ,

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