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    Nolvadex during my cycle

    Hey guys Im in week 4 1/2 of my cycle of sust and eq and i've been taking nolvadex about a month before my cycle and all the way through so far, I ussually take 20 to 40mg a day, I think this is affecting my gains alittle does anyone know if it really is or is it just in my head??
    also I should be having lot's of boners with sust but I don't get them, my sust is real is this b/c of the nolvadex I take everyday???
    let me know Fart

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    Too much Nolva. I usually take 10mgED if I use that as my anti during cycle. Don't immediatley go to 10 though, taper down over a 1-1/2 wk period.

    Boners? Couldn't tell ya bro. It's not the Nolva

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    Never heard of nolva effecting the morning wood


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    What are your doses? As far as nolva (and this would apply to any antiE) affecting gains, the only gains you don't get are those that are estrogen related, ie. the water bloat. But as far as lean muscle, there should be no difference. How is your diet and training? You may want to consider dropping the nolva, unless you are susceptible to gyno or bloat. But it is up to you. You could keep running it, and go for a more defined look. But I don't think you need to go over 20mg/d.

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