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    a questiong about thats posted at many places in this forum.

    I have a few questions before calling them. My goal is before calling knowing they are a real clinic, and the 199 dollar price tag screams out to be too good to be true. So a few questions. I apologize if this is considered a "source check" only posted because I notice their locked in to the forums.

    So the questions:
    1. Are they a real clinic, and has anyone here been using their services? If so, how are they doing and if their doing well would you even send a parent who suffers from low testerone to get treated at this establishment?
    2.The 199 dollar for anything medical related seems really cheap, are you forced to sign a few year contract? If there is a contract how long is it for?
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    Yeah I just signed up with them last month. You are on the hook for a one year contract, but I've found the level of service to be high enough that I will be continuing on with my treatment indefinitely.

    They aren't a clinic, more of a concierge service that handles all of the bullshit so you dont have to. They find you a doctor in your area (hopefully) that specializes in hormone therapy, arrange for specific blood work and reduce the costs of your individual medications to $15.

    They will also help you file with your insurance company for reimbursement if the treatment is covered. I wouldn't hesitate to send my brother or my dad to them if I noticed they were having low t issues.

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    You'll probably get more responses putting this in the HRT section of the message board.

    Anyway....yes, I'd send my dad. I've actually been trying to get him to do it.
    Yes, there's a 1yr contract but I have to pay for TRT anyway so this isn't a big deal to me and I don't see how it would be to anyone that needs TRT.

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