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Thread: 1st inj.

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    1st inj.

    I started my first cycle,
    Deca 300QV
    Winny 50mg,eod
    Nolvadex on hand

    Shot myself up for the first time I was a little hesitant at first. Once I broke the skin, it sled right. "I was amped up!" I have been counting the days with impatience, until my next shot, though still experiencing some nervous energy. Not having done this a lot. Keep ya'll posted. I'm OOOUUT!

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    Welcome to the enlightened side

    Why no test? deca will give you a lump noddle.


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    561 a search for 'deca dick', plenty of testimonials of people suffering a limp noodle, during and long after their cycles. i learned my lesson. i think johnnyB was the original guy who warned me (you da man)

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    Deca dick doesn't happen to everyone...only if you're susceptible to it. It's like winny and primo with hair loss. If you are susceptible to hair loss then look out your going to lose some hair on those AS. But there are guys who take the stuff with no hair loss at all. There are guys would get gyno with little amounts of test...then there are guys who crank their bag off and get little or no gyno at all. Some guys experience hair grow on their shoulder and backs...others nothing.

    Okay I've dragged this out way too long!! I'm sure the point is made.

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