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    Confused about post cycle.

    Just needed to clarify on what would be the best post cycle recovery for my first cycle.

    I have read the posts on HCG and Clomid therapy. Just wanted to get a better idea how to incorporate the two As well, I was planning on taking Clen and Nolva post cycle as well.

    My cycle is:
    wk 1-8 400mg/wk deca
    wk 1-10 500mg/wk sust 250
    wk 9-13 50mg/ED Winny
    wk 11 Clen -wk?
    Wk 13 I was going to start my Clomid and run that for 3-4wks.
    I will be running Nolva throughout my cycle.

    When should I stop taking the Nolva. Should I stop once I start the Clomid?

    When should I start the Hcg? I know that I will have to stop that once I start the Clomid but when do I start? And how much to take.

    How long do I run the Clen for?

    Lastly, Should I use proviron throughout my cycle?, post cycle? or not at all.

    Thanks alot guys for the help. Sorry for all the questions.

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    hey bro,run hcg the last 2 weeks during ur cyles at 500 ed ,then apporx 36 hrs later start ur clomid therapy like ur suppose ,and to ensure porper recovery throw 30 mg of nova along with the clomid .

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    Forget the HCG just complete your cycle 3 weeks after the last shot run the clomid 300 1 day 100 10 days 50 10 days if you want to run nolva ED whilst cycling take it @ 20mg per day.Its your first cycle bro the body will respond well just keep it simple.You can run the nolva upto the clomid therapy and than stop if you want.

    Not sure why you are stopping the deca at week 8?

    As for the clen start that at week 10 and run it alongside the winny for 2 weeks than run an eca stack for 2 weeks and then clen again if you want so it would look like this;

    Wk 1-8 Deca 400mg Sust 500mg
    Wk 9 Deca 400mg Sust 500mg Winny 50mg ED
    Wk 10 Deca 400mg Sust 500mg Winny 50mg Clen
    Wk 11 Winny 50mg ED Clen
    Wk 12 Winny 50mg ED ECA
    Wk 13 Winny 50mg ED ECA
    Wk 14 Clen Start clomid therapy
    Wk 15 Clen cont clomid therapy
    Wk 16 Finish clomid therapy this week

    Rather than use Nolva I would use arimidex 0.25mg per day throughout the cycle nolva is just a binder where as arimidex tends to prevent,if you want any more info bro just pm/e-mail me

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