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Thread: some newbie ?

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    some newbie ?


    For those that saw my post yesterday I am feeling a lot better today. So i think it was just some post injection anxiety like some of you thought.

    Anyway, i'm curious as to how long it takes to feel the effects of the gear. We took 250 mg of test.

    We had good owrk outs the last too days, but i think it was just a mental thing, we just worked out hard, no heavier weights. How long until we start getting stronger. We are eating a ton of protein.

    Interestingly, we both worked out harder and longer then normal and we havn't been sore after lifting these past 2 days.

    Also, we have novladex in case of gyno. How do i tell if i am developing gyno? Will it be obvious to me when it does indeed come?

    One more ?. If you are injecting into the muscle (you know its not a blood vessel because you aspriated) is it ok if a tiny tiny bit of air is still in the syringe when injecting.

    When injecting the other day we couldn't get these very small bubbles out of the syringe.

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    so youre feeling better than yesterday, thats a good thing. you were probably just worked up over your first injection, glad to see youre feeling better. what kind of test are you using, and are you taking anything along with it? if your nipples start to itch you or feel puffy (or if you wake up with breasts one morning) then you should start with the nolvadex . actually if the breasts are already there youre a little late so if they start to itch start with 20mgs of nolv. air bubbles you dont really want to inject so try to get them out, but a few wont really hurt you

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    Bubbles, Gyno, Feeling better

    To get the bubbles out simply suck some air into the syringe and flick the fucker untill the bubbles become one air pocket. Now slowly push out the air. If there are any bubbles left then they shouldn't be a big deal, pending that you took the steps that i've mentioned. As for the gyno, I always here about itchy nips; bottom line- if you start to feel small (marble like) bumps ddep[ in the nipples then take the nol. As for the gains- if you are taking something like test enanthate or cyp, then you should start to get gains in 2-4 weeks. And lastly, you will be feelin great once all this shit kicks in. Nut

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