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    Sus eod or every 3 days?

    Im considering a gram test a week, my last one end of last yr was 750mg.week..does it make a difference from 1cc eod. Or 2 cc every 3 days. I hear eod to get the most out of prop but does it really make a big difference ,im just thinkin of the more pins I might need.

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    This is the exact reason why I won't use a blend again. Really, it won't much matter after the first two weeks or so, I did e3d on my sust cycle and liked what I saw

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    I do mine 6 days on 1 day off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlinshopRep View Post
    I do mine 6 days on 1 day off.
    What?? This is aas not fifo

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    I pinned sus e3d and liked results.

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