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    Dbol's Effectiveness Body Part "Selective"??

    To all of those who have any experience with dbol (whether on its on or as a kickstart to a cycle in the manner I am currently employing it) have you ever noticed the following:

    Throughout these last two and a half weeks, the dbol has no doubt but effective in a manner very much in congruence with members' experiences and what I expected. The strength gains are very apparent (almost everywhere, as you'll see), the bloat is there and the headaches were, the pumps are noticeably improved and, finally, the lower back pumps are almost debilitative! As such, you can no doubt imagine my shock when, last night while undertaking my first heavy/low rep bicep workout since "on", the very same weight I previously handled for 3-4 reps went up for 4 good reps and one sloppy rep! Needless to say, this took me aback and I'd like to investigate why that might be. My only thought is this: my biceps have perpetually been my worst part, both in appearance and strength gains. The improvements in both departments, while perhaps more steady than other muscle groups over the long term, are EXTREMELY slow. Given that, if a muscle is generally slow to respond (relative to other muscles in the same person) while training natural, is there any reason to suspect that it will respond any differently while on? In other words, are the muscles slowest to respond while natural, in your collective experiences, also the muscles slowest to respond while "on"? thanks for the feedback.

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    i'm finishing up my 5th wk of dbol - 40mg day.
    my personal experience while taking the "dbol" is nothing short of amazing (to the novice 1st time user). you talk of body specific gains- personally i havent experienced that. my strength has increased evenly through out all my lifts, along with the unbelievable pumps especially the almost painful lower back ones, though i never had the pleasure of getting the headaches everyone talks about....
    back to body specific gains, you were talking about your weak link, biceps- mine as always been chest, before on and also now. in retrospect, the lack of strength in my chest in comparison to the rest of my body was a bit more dramatic than it is now. while its in no way my currently best part, it has came a long way with the aid of the pink tabs- i dont necessarily attribute all of the success Iíve had in that area to the dianabol though, I may have just worked a little harder in that spot.

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    I would say genetics are genetics. Your weakest bodypart in all likely hood will remain that way. You may want to use the extra Nitrogen retention and recooperative powers to work that bodypart harder and try to "catch it up" but for the same reason Pro bodybuilders have weak areas you will too.

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