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    HCG During Cycle

    So I'm hoping that some of the forum experts can help solidify this for me.

    It appears to me that people are running hcg during their cycle at 250iu 2x/week.

    I have ran Test in the past, but only used HCG in my PCT, but I get mixed info from other gym rats, personal AAS mentors, and of course the parent website to this forum. I'm starting to wonder if this data/info is outdated. Please forgive me if I missed a thread on this topic already (I do my best to find threads that answer my question before I pose it to the forum, but I have overlooked obvious ones in the past). If you have a link to a thread that discusses/argues one over the other, in addition to including personal exp and insight, I'd appreciate it.
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    Testicular dysfunction occurs on cycle. When you administer exogenous testosterone , your brain is telling the testes to stop producing natural testosterone. hCG on cycle keeps them alive and functioning properly, it will prevent atrophy on cycle and will help you recover much faster from your cycle.

    Here are a ton of threads related to this topic.

    Best of luck and thank you for researching and having a completed profile.

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