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Thread: Smoking

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    Quote Originally Posted by charger69 View Post
    Your just an old man!

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    Im a dork in their group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The road View Post
    If you convinced me it was tge end of the world I would think... Shit... Gf is gonna be pissed and sad!
    Awww shit... Everyone is gonna be loud and shit and I gotta calm them down.

    On weed though its more...


    I have a feeling coke would make me sit down with some music and really whip some ass at Mahjong.
    That would be my theraputic drug but its too addictive and expensive and I tend to ovedo anything so I never tried it.
    Can totally relate with you guys with the paranoia and panic attacks, ďantisocial weirdo,Ē and over-analyzation. I smoked a lot in my teens but very rarely will touch the stuff anymore for the same reasons mentioned here. Wish I could as I donít drink anymore either and i could use something to help me relax.

    I think youíd be underwhelmed with coke. Itís more subtle than youíd expect. Itís a shitty drug imo despite having used it frequently for a couple years. Shitty as in its nice for half an hour then itís redosing attempting to negate the bad feelings youíre getting moreso than anything while looking forward to the inevitable crash and difficulty sleeping. I found the juice not worth the squeeze.

    An issue with it is itís so often combined with alcohol and the liver creates a metabolite called cocaethylene thatís much longer lasting and toxic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettoboyd View Post
    ok I get it now... thanks for explaining a little more....I hope you took that as a respectful disagreement...I should have explained that I have ADHD so it really dose help with my focus because at the gym there are many distractions that can take away from my workouts for sure...
    That's my main issue I'll be working out and my mind will just wander onto something else, plus the fact that I don't drink anymore it would probably help to destress, and wind down after a long day. I've never tried it before and just got out of the military after 12 years and have been considering giving it a try.
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    I have recently tried CBD oil as I have very poor sleep pattern, mainly due to lower back injury. I was intitially sceptical as its touted as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to depression. But it really helped me and I can recommend it to others.

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    On weed:

    Nothing better than that aphrodisiac effect 45 minutes after smoking a joint.

    Combine that with AAS and it is GAME F****ing ON baby!!!

    Nothing beats that buzz and a good game of "which hole is the best"...

    Pop the "Man Pill" on top of that...

    Personally, never suffered from all that weed anxiety BS...

    I guess my whole life has been such a crisis that I never noticed the change.

    Downsides: Saps the hell outta motivation and leaves me stupid feeling.

    But, stupid feeling with a raging hard-on...

    Not too much to complain about...

    I just flashed back here gents: After a Cobra Gold in Thailand, cirque 1990's, me and my buddy took leave and headed down to Koh Samui. This was a couple of years before KS became a major tourist destination. We were Jones-in for a buzz, and we asked the waiter if he could get something for us. Of course, "no problem..." so we gave him 1/2 the money and the other half on delivery. So here we are eating in this open pavilion restaurant on Chowenge (spelling error here) beach, and this kid waiter comes walking across the restaurant floor holding up two bags of buds and yelling, "Hey, I got it. Told you I would get it...".

    So that night we took the hotel's jeep and were driving around with a video camera filming and getting blazed up... We came up over some rise in the road and there the Thai military and police had the road blocked off... Ugh oh... Out went the blunt and out came our military IDs... They just waved us right through... Solid allies.

    Yeah, those were the days...

    *Admin, excuse me, hope I didn't get banned...*
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