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    When you start HCG

    So everyone, I am starting a cycle of:

    sus300 (2x250mg a week) 1-10

    Winstrol (40mg ed) 6-10

    liquidex (.25mg eod) 1-12

    PCT (Nolva and Clomid) not sure about the dosage yet.

    Question I have, In my previous cycle. I did notice some testicular atrophy (not alot) with a test only cycle, and it seems like HCG is the answer to deal with that. But when should you start taking it in the cycle? From the Start? blast of ten days before PCT? I hear if you keep it under 500 IU a week from the start then there is no chance of desynthatizing(spelling) the LH. Also, they say taking HCG throughout can make it an easier recovery for PCT. Can someone give me some info on HCG and how it works and how to take it.

    Must appreciated, Thanks guys

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    Hcg at 200-250 iu 2 x EW will maintain testicular function during the cycle. Run it right up to 3 days prior to starting pct

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