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    Need tips: How to tell if steroids are real?

    I just recieved test enthante, test prop, and tren . I would like to know some suggestions on how to tell if real or fake? thanks guys

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    If you got them off your local newspaper add or kijiji I'd not use them.

    If you got them from a friend/source you trust...then pin away. As long as the oil looks clean(filtered correctly) you should be good....what lab is it?

    Only way to really tell is pinning it besides from obvious things as you'd not want to pin something that smells like gasoline/etc.

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    There are other sites that actually rate ugl's aas I'm not suppose to list other sites due to forum rules just google and u will find them.

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    Only one way to tell, pin. But you shouldn't buy from a source you don't necessarily trust. Being smart is number one to doing anything.

    And I'm hoping you just switched sources but have previously cycles in your belt and this is not your first.

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    Send them to me

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    I'm guess in at 22 this is your first cycle. i would stash em away for a few years until you are fully developed and more knowledgeable before jumping on such powerful hormones.

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    it used to be most steroids were legit on the black market. all that's changed now, and a majority out there are now bogus.

    there is no way to tell ahead of time if bogus or legit. unless you have a spectrometer stashed away somewhere in your garage?

    with powders, a melt point test is fairly reliable way to determine.

    I've received bogus from trusted sources before, so even that is not fool proof.

    In this game, we try to minimize the occurrences of getting ripped off.

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    lunk is right here; but the only way to tell is a spectrometry test or pin it.

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    I don't know if I'd agree with most are fake, but there certainly are no shortage of people trying to take advantage of steroid buyers. I think certain sources are more worth trusting then others. But I've seen previously golden suppliers leave customers high and dry on their way out. It's the risk you take playing this game. I used to love running human grade gear. Now the only human grade I run is what I am prescribed from my doctor. The counterfeit market for anabolic steroids have become so good over the years. Personally I feel I have a better chance getting real underground gear than legit human grade gear.

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