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    Ben Johnson

    I have a buddy who is 5'9" 210lbs with 9%bf. He has done 2 cycles before and is now looking to harden up and to gain speed. I know ben johnson used winny, and i was wondering if it would help him gain speed. Also what can he stack it with? EQ?

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    yes, eq works well with winny. winny alone really wont do a whole lot for you. you should stack it with something.

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    Why does he need the speed? Winny was a good choice for Big Ben (well maybe not in hindsight) but that may not be the right choice for your friend.

    My concern with Winny is that it's hard on the joints, causes muscle cramps, and can potentially lead to injury. I think it's great cosmetically but a poor choice for sports.... unless it is being stacked with something like deca /tren /test.

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    Ben used more the just winny can't remember all of them but test was in there.


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    Ben ertainly did use a lot more than Winny - infact, It makes me wonder who was actually advising him on his supplements!! As was said earlier winny is not a good supplement for an athlete - especially one puting their body through what he did. Cosmetically yes.
    Injectible winny is detectable for over one month, the oral stanolozols are less than 3 weeks. I pressume that BEN took the injectable as in some cases if not injected correctly this stuff can attach to fatty tissue and re-appear at a later date! I wouldn't reccommend this stuff for an athlete of any discipline. Stick to the fast acting esters. You'll get far better results in the short term and they are far beter on your joints and tendons.

    Good Luck

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