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    Ulcerative Colitis

    i am just getting a condition under control, after about 6 months of ulcerative colitis flareup i have lost 55lbs and way to much blood. my blood after a few iron injections is back to normal and i have gotten my colitis under control and into recession. i am however on 2 immune suppressants. my question is, i want to go back on some srot of stack, i think i am going to start off with some sus than run some tren but i am not sure if being on stuff for my condition which already lower my white blood cell count and leave me more susceptible to infection. i am all coming off of predinosone, does anyone know if i would be at some serious risk of more health complications if going on a cycle will medicated with Remicade, prednisone and murtacuporine or some crazy word i have no idea

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    Just FYI, I think you meant mercaptopurine aka 6-MP. Remicade is a very strong immunosuppressant and combined with prednisone and 6MP will only increase this effect. Any infection while on Remicade is potentially lethal. Depending on your age and desire for fertility, I would talk to your doctor about a regimen of high dose TRT (200mg/wk). You can also ask your doctor about HGH (which is often given to UC sufferers). What is your age, height and weight? How many UC flares have you had? What areas are of your intestine are affected? Are you a candidate for partial colectomy or small bowel resection? Meaning is your UC so bad that it may be better for you to have some of your intestine removed with hopes of improved standard of living and decreased need for meds (namely Remicade).

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    Im actually bumping this as my situation is almost exactly like the OP, however i dont intend on running tren , i was actually thinking after i finish prednisone to simply run higher dosed test and gh, i wanted to add masteron but was wondering if this would affect bloodwork if doc decides to run anymore in the future?

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