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    question and WHEN to start first cycle

    ok now lets say I didnt lift naturally to my bodies extent. I am just curious now... say I did decide to start my first cycle earlier just as a "boost". Would it really matter that I started early health wise? and if it doesnt matter health wise.... do you still think my body would improve alot compaired to before I took the cycle.... I know I should wait but I already have shit lined up sitting infront of me and I am just wondering what would happen if I did take it early even though I did not max my body out naturally...

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    I don't agree with the having to max out genetic potential prior to starting androgens. What I do agree with though is having a very solid base of knowledge in training and nutrition for yourself before starting. ONe that exceeds your current development/progress.

    If you are 180 pounds and after your first cycle you reach 205 pounds - you are going to have to know what kind of lifestyle, training and nutrition it takes to keep your new mass. If you start to prematurely - you will lose a lot of gains simply because you never learned how to maximize results without them - simply with diet and training.

    AAS is a supplement - not a crutch.

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