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    question about cutting cycles?

    i want to do a cutting cycle after i finish the cyclethat I am on, but i have a couple of questions?
    1. how long do i need to wait before i start if i am just coming off a prop/deca / dbol stack of 12 weeks?
    2. is there a stack out there that won't make me feel or act all wired like ripped fuel does?
    3. do i need to stack a mass gainer(ie... deca dbol) with the cutter to make sure i don't lose to much muscle?
    and last but not least
    4. on my diet do I up my protein and lower my carbs during the cycle?
    currently on a 4200 calorie diet w/415g protein, 603g carbs, &
    40g of fat
    weight 230 height 6'1"

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    1. I would wait at least 7-8 weeks after you are finished Clomid to start another cycle
    2. No one can answer that. Everyone reacts to AAS diffrent so what a certain compound does to one person may not do the same to another. I have never heard of AAS causing a "wired" feeling.
    3. There are no "mass" or "cutter" steroids . You can cut with just about any drug, it all depends on your diet. Some are more common in cutting cycles such as Fina, Primo, Winny, Anavar they cause little water retention but Test can be used in cutting cycles with awesome results as long as you run Liquidex/Arimidex along side it
    4. When cutting, I think you should lower the carbs and total cals when on a cutting cycle but make sure you keep your protein very high.


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