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    advice and help? 2 cycle

    I did my first cycle with d-bol and test 400 and my weight was 140lb and now 170 muscle but stuck and trying to gain more muscle and size what would be a good start? I have androl 50 and would like to run something good with to gain bulk and size and hard muscle? Would like to see what other peoples advice is please?

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    Firstly, is your diet in check? Diet is a key component in gaining mass.

    As for your next cycle, I'd do a little more research on the boards. Once you've found a potential cycle, post it here, and then we can critique it. That would be better overall, because you'd be much more educated.

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    Think of your food as the steroids , doesn't sound like you've done too much research

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    Well you can start by giving us your stats.You shouldve filled that out when you joined.Ht wt age bf% years training goals.

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