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    If/when to throw in Winny

    Currently 4 weeks in to a simple but so far effective stack of Sust Primo,
    Thinking of throwing in winny later on to harden up the gains and help me lean out a little towards the end.
    Im taking proviron as an anti e and it seems to be doing its job, so far no bloat or sides. Obviously I have Nolva on hand in case. This is not my first cycle but i am by no means an expert, so I need some info.
    Is it a good idea to throw in the winny towards the end to lean out a little and if so when should I do it, can I cut the sust and just continue the primo winny for a bit or will this compromise my gains. Of course I could also run the primo winny on another cycle, let me know what you guys think.
    Oh yea, Im 36 and the reason i am doing the primo sust winny thing is cos I heard its fairly mild on the system and a good combo in older athletes.
    Any advice?

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    IMO winny is a great addition to almost any cycle. It always best when ran at the end so that your cycling up until your post cycle clomid. How many wks are you running the sust and primo?

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