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    Sustanon 3rd Week done But...

    Ok so i just finished my 3rd week of Sustanon 250 at 1ml twice a week...

    But my concern is when should I expect any noticeable gains because I don't really notice anything in particular....

    Or maybe I should be a little bit more ppatient because if I researched correctly I think it takes about 4-8 weeks at my dosage with Sust to see any noticeable gains...

    But you guys s can correct me on that one....

    Any help comments, questions or concerns would be Greatly appreciated

    Thanks guys


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    Sust need around 4 weeks to reach the levels.

    But don't expect magic, because steroids are not!

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    If you're dieting properly and getting enough rest, you'll definitely see some gains within 1-2 weeks.

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    It kicked earlier than that for me... Even if he's only pinning 2x a week that's still got prop and phenyl prop esters kicking in faster. I wouldn't pin any less than e3d. Jut stick to single esters, it's easier to control everything

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    Ok before I started I was working out regularly and got up to 165 lbs then i started to cutting until I got to 152lbs...

    Then I started my Sust cycle and plan I on clean bulking with as little fat retention as possible...

    Since I started my clean bulk and Sust cycles I have gained 7lbs which means I am now 159lbs 3 weeks in my Sust cycle ...

    Im still getting lean... But was just wondering when I would see some Extra Gains if you guys understand what I mean

    otherwise then what is the point of taking Test at all?
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    How tall are you? Just your weight means nothing.

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    How's your training? If you're not tearing those fibers down you can pin all u want and not see results.

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    7lbs, if clean (I mean with no changes in diet) its G2G.
    If you're eating more, than it might be fat, so your gear could be fake.
    But in Week 3 you should definately notice sust, especially at 500mg EW

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    Sustenon should kick in immediately. I notice a difference in my appearance within a week.

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