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    1st cycle questions

    Alright guys i know im gonna catch some flak for this one but, i am looking to do my first cycle.

    22yrs old
    Dont know body fat--- small fat though

    just got done playing div 1 baseball and i also train brazlilian jui jitsu very regularly.

    1st i wanted to say i was thinking about running a dbol and test cycle or dbol only, ive heard dbol only is good and is bad but heard it mainly depends on hwo your body takes it, i can get some test but dont know where to get needles? (could use some help there)

    i have been lifting wieghts and training for over 8 years now regularly, mainly im looking for info on what mg to take a day, how many weeks 4-5-6 week cycle, do i absolutly have to take a PCT? and what should i take during my cycle. nutrition is not a problem i dont eat like a slob. PRETTY MUCH ANY AND ALL INFO I CAN GET THAT I HAVENT ALREADY RESEARCHED IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS BEFORE PURCHASING DBOL AND POSSIBLY TEST.

    ill uplaod pics as well.


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    hey buddy your too young, your already full of testosterone . I think you need to stick to a good solid nutrition plan to help with gains. Check the nutrition section to help or ask GB!


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    Bro read the young and steroids sticky.This will give you the info you need.

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    Not sure what the currently popularity is on giving advice to younger guys - but I will say this in the spirit of safety:

    1. Don't do dbol only.

    2. Don't do multiple compounds on your first cycle.

    3. Yes, always do PCT.

    Everything else is advice that you should learn by reading stickies. It is the most basic of information and has been gone over tens of thousands of times here.

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