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Thread: Cycle advice

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    Cycle advice

    I'm sure there are 1000 of these posts but I'm looking to try my first cycle. A little background information about myself. I'm 20, almost 21. I've been training since I was around 11, my height is 5 10 and I weigh 265 lbs at 20% bf. I am a powerlifter wanting to cut. My diet is usually a caloric excess because I'm wanting to keep gaining strength. My bmr is 2,995 calories every day, had it tested by machine, body fat was tested by dunk tank. My lifts are 540/375/605 raw and 700/470/605 single ply.

    Is it too soon for me to start? My first cycle was going to be one for when I cut. Strength loss is a huge concern of mine. I want to gain strength while cutting. I was interested in doing a test prop, anavar , clen cycle.

    Honest feedback and suggestions about doses and etc is appreciated. Am I too young? I know they say 25 but I have been training for some time. What are your thoughts, thanks in advance.

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    At your age and bf yes it's to early to start IMO. Hit the nutrition section and post up your meal plan. You can make great gains over the next few years natty and spend some time researching so that when the time is right you can make an informed decision.

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