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    Libido on cycle?

    Hello all,

    Coming from a TRT perspective, it seems like many patients suffer from low libido, even after getting good testosterone levels and seemingly good bloowwork. It's a common problem.

    How are things on cycle and much higher T levels than on TRT (I suppose?) for the average juicer?

    Is libido good or does it suffer?

    Genuinely curious.


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    just my .02, if you get some good strong compounds for instance like sustanon 250, my sex drive was literally on another level. I have a high one to begin with, but on cycle, i have to hold my self back from cheating on my wife. its hard to describe, like a buck in rut, dont know if you hunt...its really amazing

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    Wow...I'm envious of you.

    Really interested in this subject and hearing what experiences guys have, seeing how common the complaint of low libido is on TRT. It could be that 1) We typically only hear the complaints about the few guys on TRT who have issues, while the rest is busy banging their girlfriends/wifes; 2) They may have other problems than merely testosterone .

    Guys who juice are probably fine to begin with and have a good libido.

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