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    Need Starting Advice

    So I play sports and been getting small injuries here and there. HS I lifted but havent done much since then. I want to bulk up, lose weight to get my abs back as well as heal faster. Any advice what I need to do and take? Seriously want to hit this hard.

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    stats ht wt age bf% how long you been training

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    we like to know who we are dealing with before we can tell you what we think might help you

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    Provide stats as suggested. Gains and loses start and end in the kitchen and not a syringe or pill. We'll provide suggestions for you but in addition to your stats as goals, be prepared to post your nutrition plan in the nutrition forum. If your nutrition is weak or poor, don't sweat it. The guys here will help you.

    You won't achieve most of your goals if your nutrition and training is off. Don't skip these. Get then checked out here as well if you're serious about your goals.

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