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    Let me see if I understand. 8 months ago you took Test/EQ for 1 month. How many milligrams per week did you take? Once you stopped you immediately started taking HGH for 3 months? If you're going to get acne from Test/EQ you should have had it 5 or so months ago. As for HGH, it works on a totally different system than Test/EQ and should not produce additional acne. Are you taking anything else? At this point, I would say not to take anything else that'll mess you up. Just get benzylperoxide soap and salacilic acid body wash. Keep yourself clean and don't self medicate yourself until you have learned a lot more about steroids .

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    Don't take anymore steroids for at least 2 years. During those 2 years read as much as you can. Learn for yourself and decide if you should take anything again( is the risk reward worth it for you.) Also lose your joke of a friend does not sound like a good one.

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    your probably breaking out from your diet at this point

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