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    First test cycle only

    Hi, I. Starting my first cycle in about a month. I'm 36, 5'9" 190lbs, been training for about 12 years. Got my hands on test cyp and ovinum ( clomid) and hcg . I am having trouble getting arimidex . Everyone at the gym says I won't need any ai's or pct stuff but I wanna play it safe and have it on hand. I'm looking to put on and keep on 10 lbs of muscle. Diet will be about 200g protein with all carbs coming from green veggies, brown rice, sweet potatoe, grains, wheat couscous. All lean meats. Is this realistic and should I wait to get arimidex to start? Looking to do 10 weeks one pin a week again test cyp only first time around.

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    if you're pinning once a wk, it is quite likely that you'll need to start the AI with the cycle, and not just have it on hand.

    hcg should also be run on cycle. this will increase your chance and rate of recovery.

    for pct, use both nolva and clomid.

    other than the test and hcg, you can get everything else fro AR-R .

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    13,533 Dont listen to your friends.Many a guy has had his body messed up and sometimes for good by friends like yours.You can get your Ai and pct needs from AR_R top right hand corner.Pct run nova and clomid.

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