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    long time fan of the board. just finished a 12 week cycle of sus/deca and began taking clen four days ago. I am listening to the advise of the members and going 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. but I still unsure of a few things. Should I be taking a the tabs first thing in the morning or spliting them up throughout the day. Also is it normal to feel warm like Im running a temp?? and after the 2 weeks of do I have to start of at 1 tab/day and build up like the first week? lastly what is ketotifen never heard of it before. any input is greatly appreciated


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    there is no need to split up the dose - clens half life is pretty long. I like to tho cause when im get to 120mcg or so its too much all at once - so i take one first thing in th eAM and another bout noon-1pm ya dont want to take it late or ull have trouble sleeping. Ketotifen - see the post im going to make of it but basically you dont need to cycle it since it cleans ur beta 2 receptors.

    it does help to scale up slightly even in the second round tho it doesnt need tobe so slow - the body already kinda recognises the reaction to it. yes, running a slight temperature is normal as is the shakes at higher doses

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