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    Hi there, I'm new to this forum. Love the site and everyone seems very knowledgable here. I need help figuring out what to take for a cycle. I want to bulk up and have strength gains and get cut.
    I have only ever done a single cycle which was about 2 years ago or more (maybe 3 or more yrs even, when I had no clue about anything). Pinned in shoulders. Hate pinning!

    Consisted of:

    Test cyp twice a week 1ml
    Dbol 2/ed
    Nolvedex as PCT

    Gained a bit and toned up. No bad sides

    Thinking of doing a cycle now:

    Test E
    Tren E

    Have a few questions tho... As I'm still a noobie and need to be safe lol.

    1. Can I use up whatever I have left of the test cyp? (Approx half a vile) And how? Says expired in 2011 but, really not sure if it actually does expire??? Anyone can shed some light? It's been stored in a dark cool place.

    2. What do I need with this cycle? I heard not to use nolvedex or clomid with tren (is that true?), but can use caber? Tamoxifen ? Aromisin? Adex? HCG ? Maybe I spelt all this wrong? Any advice from a few experienced users would be Very much appreciated.

    3. Does this cycle sound good for me to bulk up and tone up (drop body fat) and gain strength? Any suggestions? Would tren E be ok or tren ace better? There's so much info on here from various members that all contradict each other... I find myself confused. Some say Sust/Deca /Dbol would be better ...

    4. Where is best to pin these? And what dosages?

    5. The source I will be dealing with this time sells BOSS PHARMA - anyone have experience with this brand? G2G? Bunk? Anyone heard of it? He's out of Toronto. The test cyp and dbol and nolvedex I used before was from SVENSK APOTEK??

    Thank you all so much for any help.

    27 yrs old
    200-210 LB (fluctuates pretty daily :S)
    Diet depends how hard I hit the gym... Lol
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