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    Newbie here struggling to get to 10% bf. Thinking of going on Clenbuterol.

    Hey everybody,

    I'm new here so I'm going to introduce myself a bit here.

    Last year in June 2012 I decided to become much healthier and live a more active lifestyle. I used to weigh 290lbs at 6' 2" but with diet, eating healther (i.e. no junk food), and becoming more active throughout the day I lost a total of 75lbs and now weight 215lbs. 215lbs has been my lowest ever since January. I have been struggling and struggling to get down to 190 which would put me to very close to 10%bf. I just now have started lifting since April and have started to see gains. I used to be 20% bf but I do notice a lot of gains. I am 20 years old.

    I always eat below maintenance, but sometimes I do cheat (1-2 times a week). I am currently at 13-16% bf but the thing is my weight is not going down at all. My fat is staying right where it is and isn't going away. I eat 150-200g of protein daily. I eat ONLY whole foods so that means no processed junk. Eggs, fish, chicken, potatoes, and some dairy like cottage cheese. I don't eat anything else besides the cheat days sweets like rice pudding or chocolate. I don't even drink soda for a year or fast food. The only way I saw myself go down to 210lbs was when I DIDN'T eat much at all. Like say 1-2 times a day and I lost weight. I have a 6 day lifting routine with NO cardio (maybe I should add again?) where I do 8-10 reps of 4-6 exercises a day for each muscle group. I also make sure I get in deadlifts, squats, and benchpress AT LEAST twice weekly. I'm hitting each muscle group at least twice weekly.

    I read about Clenbuterol a stimulant. I'm not a complete freshie on drags. I have tried stimulants such as adderall to improve in school but I wasn't on a script. Never noticed side effects. I have a very good family doctor that I go to regularly to make sure everything is in check and tell him if I take drags when I take them and I always let him know. Everything is healthy. I never had a heart condition or medical problem. I haven't even have had any cavities since I was in elementary school. I am smart and a Pre-Med student and would never abuse or overdose having read so many horror stories. Of course unseen things can happen and I understand the risk I am taking.

    Ideally I would like to get rid of the hard to lose fat and would like to use Clenbuterol. I have also looked into using an ECA stack which is almost the same efficiency at losing fat as adderall is. I am not going to take any other steroids . If there are pill forms I'd prefer them. No injections.

    I am here to seek advice and to here from other peoples experiences being on clen.

    Some questions:
    1) Is it extremely expensive (say over $100 a month)?
    2) How long can I look to lose FAT (not muscle) at 6' 2" (16% bf) go from 215lbs to 190lbs?
    3) Will I get arrested?
    4) Am I too young (20)?
    5) How to get it (meaning what's the best provider)?
    6) What are your thoughts or experiences with it?
    7) What alternatives are there?

    Thanks guys!

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    Yes you are too young and yes you may get arrested, so why take a chance. Just sayin.

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    1. AR-R sells it wait for it on sale on (may be now) with loyalty discount. Should last almost 2 months if you've never used it before for $50
    2. It will come off as fast as your diet and cardio dictates. Clen will only show a difference at an already lower bf% losing 1-2% is typical with an already good diet and some cardio
    3. Technically As a research chem it's legal. Although its not for human consumption. I wouldn't chance it or take within a week of a drug test to be safe
    4. No but you should diet and cardio it off or it will come back on when you stop
    5. Check the AR-R banner
    6. I love it but many can't stand the shakes, sweats, nausea, crappy feeling, insomnia, etc. all depends on your body
    7. Albuterol tends to have less sides.

    Diet is key!!! Cardio is key!!! There are no shortcuts just minor assistants

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    You seriously should consider adding cardio into your routine before you consider adding in a stimulant.

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    Cardio!!!! Just keep going and going and going and Bodyfat will melt off. When I used to cut hard I would do 90 minutes of cardio and could lose a few pounds a day. Only problem is you will lose some muscle. If your not in a big hurry you transfer good weight for bad more efficiently. Good Luck!

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    You don't know how to diet... you even say yourself that the only way you can see yourself getting down to 210lbs if you dont eat much at all... you have it all wrong.

    Aside from the obvious things (i.e work out your TDEE and calorie maintenance and setting a diet 500 calories under maintenance and working out suitable macros - not going to insult your intelligence by telling you how to do that because you probably already know how given you have lost a commendable amount of fat already).

    What you need to do is get rid of the cheat days and implement structured refeeds.
    Leptin is the king of all fat burning hormones and if you dont have a carb load you arent going to keep your metabolism firing enough to burn fat. You want to stimulate your metabolism - if already in a deficit and you arent losing weight then lowering calories more will just make you lose muscle.

    Assuming your diet was say 200g protein/200g carb/70g fat you would want to have a STRUCTURED REFEED once a week (twice a week is 6-7% BF, once if 10-14% and then maybe once ever 2 week if 17-18% and once a month if over 20-25% - it relaly depends on your metabolism but you can experiment and work out what is best for you).
    So on a structured refeed day you would bring your diet up to maintenance level doubling the carbs and if that takes you above maintenance cut calories off the fat; i.e it would then be 200p/400c/70f (or if that took you over maintenance then say 50f). Make sure the carbs you eat on the refeed day have no fructose because that doesnt stimulate leptin levels.

    I emphasise STRUCTURED REFEED - cheat days are pointless. When dieting you should NEVER just disregard your macros and eat whatever you want because that is just going to ruin all the progress from the preceeding weeks dieting. Follow your macros, eat clean and you will see results.

    So yeah do that...weigh yourself everyday in the morning and track teh weight in a chart also use calipers to measure body fat. IT WILL WORK. AT THE MOMENT YOU ARE KILLING YOUR METABOLISM. YOU DONT NEED CLEN . It is all about stimulating your metabolism. good luck
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