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    Question I need a little advice!

    Body fat:15%

    Hello I'm just wondering Bout "steroid " use I'm 18 & I was thinking about using in the future! Prolly when I'm 21 or so.. So I can have more nutrition n stuff under my belt. But I was wondering how do u take steroids in cycles? What all do u take with the steroid or take after? Again this is just me asking I'm not going to use I just need to learn more! Id highly appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Please read the sticky Steroids and the Young.
    25 yrs old is recommended age to reduce long term damage to yourself.
    Diet and training is all you need right now.

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    I in no way am trying to be rude but your research can come later down the road my man. I don't know the accuracy of your BF% but even so, you have enormous room to grow naturally. You shouldn't concern yourself with the details of gear just yet even if you were older. AAS is not magic, you will gain water weight sure but them you'll lose it just as quickly and you'll have gained what?? You'll have risked your health for water?? That makes no sense man. Wait for the gear is my advice and head to the training and nutrition forums. If you look for advice there and APPLY what advice you get by the knowledgeable members, I GUARANTEE you that by the time you're ready for gear you'll have a great physique already. You'll have a base to work off of and you'll know 95% of the puzzle (nutrition + training > AAS). Pleas don't write this off simply bc it's not what you want to hear. My advice comes from the fact that I do not wish to see you harm yourself and knowing that you CAN get great results in the meantime based on the stats you've given. Good luck

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    As for your questions, there is a wealth of knowledge here. Read, read, read. All will be revealed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Bastard View Post
    As for your questions, there is a wealth of knowledge here. Read, read, read. All will be revealed...
    Like the saying goes, "take the cotton out of your ears, and put it in your mouth"

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    If I was to answer you Q's we would be here all day and more.
    There are articles and articles that answered you Q's in great detail. Your next Q's after reading and learning a little will be answered by even more articles. You asked a boatload of Q's with your first as it shows you don't know anything, THAT IS OK, not getting on you. But you can Google Q's and you can read steroid profiles on here and other sticky articles on here that will answer your Q's. Please I challenge you to just read up. You need the education by reading one article after another. Good luck .....crazy mike

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