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    Opinions on my summer leangains cut (ECA,Peptides)

    Age: 21
    Weight: 196 Lbs
    Height: 6'3
    BF% 11-12

    I will be running a 3 month peptide cycle consisting of Ipam and Mod GRF 1-29. My ultimate goal is to drop bf down to around 8% and maintain as much lean muscle as possible before continue with a slow bulk. I will be following the leangains eating protocal but will be following a 6/18 feeding window as supposed to a 8/16 window.

    *BMR- 2100*
    Training Days
    2300 Cals
    F: 38gg
    C: 266g
    P: 206g

    Rest days
    1400 Cals
    F: 108g
    C: 10g
    P: 110g

    [Refeeds every week increase carbs and hit a surplus of +60-80]

    9am Fasted Cardio 35mins uphill walking or till i react 600-500 calories 7 days a week
    Fasted Weights 10g BCAAS 5 day split:
    Mon: Chest/bis
    Wed: Back/Tris/Delts
    Thu: Shoulders/Bis
    Friday: Chest/legs
    Sat: off
    sun: off

    ECA 1x Daily before am cardio
    Ipam 100mcg x 3 daily am/pwo/before bed
    Mod GRF 1-29 100mcg x 3 daily am/pwo/before bed

    Overall was looking more a critique on the diet and the calorie intake i feel like i could increase my calorie intake on training days however im not sure as to whether or not it would just be counter productive.

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    Please repost in our nutrition forum, thanks

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