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Thread: would anavar reduce my gains ????

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    would anavar reduce my gains ????

    silly as this may sound but next cycle im running test/npp was going to run 650mg test with 700mg NPP each week however a freind of mine wants to swap 20ml of test for 80 50mg anavar tabs (i know its a good deal and i know there legit as they came from the same source) so if i was to do this it would leave me with 350mg prop each week and 700mg NPP each week with 100mg anavar a day for 8 weeks but my goal is to bulk so will the anavar be useless and would i be better of sticking to 650mg test and not bother with the anavar ? however when i say bulk i do mean lean bulk i dont want to put on 8lbs of muscle and then 10lbs of water and fat so i will be having a fairly strict diet just lots of fats and high cals

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    Trade him, then buy some more test.
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    Is Anavar good for bulking? No
    Is it going to reduce your gains? No
    By "Reduce gains" are you asking if it'll make you lose muscle? The thread title confuses me a little.

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