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    First cycle advice

    hey guys, I'm trying to decide what's best for a 1st cycle. I'm 30y/o, 185lbs, 6'2", not ripped, but I've been working out for 12 years. My goal is to get up to 205-215lbs.
    I've heard for the 1st cycle to just use Test-E, would it be ok to use Dbol , or Tbol with it? I used just test about 10 years ago, it worked great.
    The PCT, and HCG is also confusing to me. I read alot of forums and everyone has different suggestions. So my questions are:
    Should I stack any of these with test,Mast100, dbol, or tbol?
    Weather I stack or not what should I use and how often should I use a pct or hcg?

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    You're a little on the light side bud, I suggest hitting up the nutrition section. Can't hurt. But no, Dbol , Tbol, & PH's are a bad idea. And as far as HCG & PCT, use the search bar, you'll find great & well written articles by members of this forum regarding those subjects, educate before ya medicate, best of luck to ya pal.

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    just stick with test..

    and fix your diet.. no reason why you can't hit at least 200 lbs without AAS....

    1st step is to fix that diet..


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    your 30 6'2 at 185 pounds and you say 12 yeas of training but clearly there were quite a lot of breaks taken if your only 185 how long have you been seriously training what is your diet like and what is your bf%

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    Diet determines how much weight you will gain not AAS, post your diet up in the nutrition section and let the experts get you straight. Good luck!

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