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    Second Cycle questions

    Hey so I am a hard gainer and I am not intending on doing another cycle for a long time but I am thinking about what it would look like.

    I am 29 and would be 30 by the time of a second cycle. Currently I am 172.5 at 15% BF. I plan on getting to 175 and then cutting so I might get up to 16% BF but if I would want to wait until I was close to 13% BF at as close to 175 lbs as possible before I started.

    I did a test e only cycle once and did make solid gains and retained about 8 lbs of gains and then added on another 2 or so quickly after PCT, although PCT was miserable for me. I over front loaded clomid and became a mess emotionally, which is something I have learned not to do again.

    My next cycle I have a goal of retaining an additional 10 lbs by the end of PCT.

    Here's what I was thinking

    Test E Wk 1-12 at 600 mg/wk
    Armidex wk 1-12 0.25 mg ED
    HCG Wk 1-12 500iu/wk


    Clomid wk 13-17 at 100 mg/wk week 13 and then 50mg/wk for week 14-17
    Nolva wk 13 - 17 at 40 mg/wk week 14 and then 20mg/wk for week 14-17
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    How tall are you?
    I would add hcg
    Looks like a good 2 nd cycle

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    I'm 5'10. I'm built pretty narrow though so 172.5 is actually the biggest I've ever been even at a higher body fat %.

    You're right on the HCG . I forgot to add that in there.

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