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    High E2 & Puffy Left Nipple

    I got my bloods back this morning and my levels are as follows:

    Test, serum: 978 ng/dl (range: 348-1197)
    LH: 21.9 mIU/mL (range: 1.7-8.6)
    FSH: 32.7 mIU/mL (range: 1.5-12.5)
    Estradiol: 65.3 pg/mL (range: 7.6-42.6)

    My PCT was complete a little less than 3 weeks ago, and my left nipple remains a bit puffy (no lump, yet). Undoubtedly from my high E2. I've ordered some letro that should arrive in a week.

    My question to you is if I should take letro to combat this early gyno, and if I should take some adex I have left over in the meantime until my letro arrives. Also what doses should I administer letro at, if that's the way to go?

    Thank you all for your time & knowledge

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    Puffy nipple is not gyno. If you do use letro, no more than 100mcg daily for a week. Better to use some OTC stuff at this stage. Try DIM for a while. Puffiness will go away. your E2 is not outrageous.

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    What do you think it is then? Just residual bloat?

    I've read some mixed reviews about DIM. Are there any other estro modifiers that may do the trick?

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