Need to figure out what the problem is. Did my first shot yesterday, and all day today I've had mild flu like symptoms. I feel really week, and my whole body is achy. I had a drastic diet change almost a month to cut body fat, I basically have only ate lean meats, vegetables, small amounts of fruit, and 1 whole sweet potato a day. I train 4-5 days a week hard. My training consist of a mixture of olympic lifting, strength training, and high endurance/speed/explosive cardio. I'll post my current cycle below. It's been a long time since I felt like this. I've heard of prop doing this, and it's my first time using this compound. Educated opinions, experience, and feed back are what I,m looking for. Thanks you all are the best...

Cycle Experience:

1: Winstrol only (I didn't know any better)

2: Test E 250 & EQ 200 for 20 weeks. (Had amazing results, and use an aggressive pct with no problems recovering)

Stats: 59, 190-195lbs, 31yrs old, BF 13%

Week 1-4: Test Prop - .35cc ED - .50cc Day 1.
Week 1-16: Test E 250 - .50cc Tues/Fri
Week 1-15: EQ 300 1cc Tues/Fri
**1 pin will be used for all compounds**
Week 1-16: Adex 0.25mg EOD
Week 1-9: Tues/Fri 250ius HCG Both Days.
Week 12-15: Tues/Fri 250ius HCG Both Days.
Week 16-18: Tues/Fri 500ius HCG Both Days.
**PCT Begins below**
Week 19: Every Day Clomiphene 100mg
Every Day Tamoxifen 40mg
Week 20: Every Day Clomiphene 50mg
Every Day Tamoxifen 20mg
Week 21-26: Every Day Clomiphene 25mg
Every Day Tamoxifen 20mg
Week 1-26: Every Day Vitamin C 2grams on rest days
3 grams on workout days (2g in morning, 1g
Before workout)