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    HCG During cycle and pct protocol. Reading lots but getting confused.

    Alright So Earlier I asked some questions regarding my future cycle about four months from now which I want to do correctly/perfectly as possible.

    I was given some great advice and I am really greatfull. I have decided to do a 12 week test e cycle at 250mg every 3rd day with a prop kickstart and prop ending before I enter pct. But for the next four months I'm working my but off in the gym and making sure I can maintain a consistently clean diet. I am always researching and changing my strategys/plans an am currently focused on the nutrition threads and workout threads where most of my questions will be asked. (I'm about to post my macros and see how much I need to change)

    Anyways WHEN I do this cycle I plan to use hcg at 250iu every 3rd day until pct which will be nolvadex and clomid for four weeks/ possibly five followed by supplementing with daa. I was also planning on using .25 of adex per day.

    I was wondering what the experienced guys on here would recommend for my clomid/nolva doses as well as whether adex and hcg is advised and at what doses.

    My last cycle was about three years ago an was overkill. I'm not like that anymore and am serious about putting nutrition/training first and only cycling appropriately for my goals.

    My last cycle was 12 weeks of test prop/tren ace and included dbol for the first six weeks and proviron and masteron for the second six weeks. during this I used 250iu hcg on mondays and thursdays, .25mg adex ed. and pct was clomid 100/50/20/20/20 nolva was 40/40/20/20/20...I think, I'm going off of memory and this was three years ago and since I have served a two year provincial sentence which shed most of my mass.

    I was also hoping to get info on when to stop and start hcg and pct. Thanks guys I know this is a tall order and I promise I've been doing my research but I was hoping for some individual attention. I've got lots of time to prepare and I'm in no rush.

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    1. Adex at .25 every other day is a good place to start.
    2. HCG can be delay started at week 2 due to a long ester being used. But it's your call. 250iu 2x a week is standard.
    3. Run HCG up until 3-4 days prior to PCT. which should start 15 days after your last pin.
    4. Your old pct will be more than enough. In fact, chip that first week off of it so its 4wks long with only 1 front loaded week.
    Edit: ill just make it easier on both of us.
    Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Nolva 40/20/20/20

    I misread the dose by a bit in your post
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    solid answer! thanks ChiveOn !

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    i actually like HCG during cycle then HCG blast for 2 weeks. 500iu ED. then pct. i dont care what people says this way its perfect for me

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    Yeah my research has come up with so many ways of doing it and last time I used it was pretty much the same as ChiveOn explained and that was a way "harsher" cycle then my next will be. It worked for me last time so I'll stop it before pct. I'd be worried about desensitizing my boys to much if I blasted it at the end as well/ or at all. Has anyone experienced this problem? But for sure if it works for you. I just worry about overdoing it and that would be a waste for me

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