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Thread: TEST E Question

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    TEST E Question

    I have done quite a bit of research on measuring the correct amount to Test Enathate but am still confused. My goal is to inject 250mg twice per week for a total of 500 mgs per week. I have read that most bottles of Test E are 250mg bottles and thus you need to inject 2 cc's for 500mgs. My bottle of Test E is a 500mg bottle. Does that mean that 1cc is equal to 500mg's, thus I should inject 1/2 cc twice per week? Please help. I am confused and really don't want to mess this up. This is my first cycle I am doing 12 weeks of Test while at the same time doing 6 weeks of d-bol. My pct is 3 weeks of nolvadex .

    AGE: 31
    Weight: 175
    BF% 17

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    Post a pic of your vial

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    Yes. 500mg means that 1cc/mL contains 500mg of test. So as you said, you need to pin 1/2mL twice weekly. Up your PCT to 4 weeks. Run 40mg nolva ED for the first week, drop to 20mg ED for the remaining three weeks. Are you using HCG and an AI on this cycle? If not, you should seriously consider it, especially the AI if nothing else. Also, you may want to consider adding clomid to your pct at 100/50/50/50

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    And fix your diet. You're at a high bf for that low of a weight

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    I got confirmation that it is 500mg/ per ml. So I was right in assuming that the dosage is 1/2 ml twice per week. Thanks again for the help.

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