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    Lightbulb Low Back Injury L-4- Back after a long layoff

    Hey guys....been a LONG time since last posting here...

    My last cycle of Test-C/Winny ended in I've been out of the game for a while, but a chronic lower back injury is making me seriously consider running a "rehabilitative" cycle for 12-14 weeks...maybe longer.

    Basically I have an injury/chronic low back spasm in the L-4 area and I am pretty tired of trying to manage my life around the pain associated with it.

    I have had this injury (From doing bent over rows in the gym) since 2003 and each and every year it has gotten progressively worse.

    I now have a 4 year old daughter who at times I cannot play with, or pick up because of back spasms.

    I actually want to run a cycle before trying any cortisol injections..and other standard methods..I want to try an inside-out approach. While on cycle before I do not remember having the spasms nearly as much, however I was also not taking Deca or EQ...

    that said, here is what I am thinking:


    Ideally the Deca and EQ would reduce the swelling/spasms while increasing soft tissue collegan production speeding repair or improvement.

    If I can get the spasms to subside, I could really focus on training and strengthening the muscle around the injured area. I understand that this is not a final fix, but to me...If the pain subsides while geared up, and many months is worth it.

    I am open to commentary or better suggestions!

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    I'm not sure if the Deca /EQ will help your spasms. Low dose Deca/EQ has helped moisturize the collagen in my joints but spasms are caused by collagen but generally by nerves.

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