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    Muscular chest and gyno

    Ive been benching on and off for many yrs. My chest is possibly most formed of all muscles... I recently jumped up to stane bcuz I felt either my liquidex from a prior cycle had lost potency or wasnt cutting the itching and small half pea size on one nipple .my cycle is 1 g. A week .test.. Yea I kno. Ive done a few 500 mg test , a 750mg a week cycle, and now trying a G. So my question is I feel ok on my recomended stane dose,no itchn,nothin, sometimes while sleeping I feel a lil while sleepn on chest,...can gyno go unnoticed a lil while longer with a bigger chest?

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    Raloxifene will knock it right out. Adjust up you AI as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by fit2bOld
    Raloxifene will knock it right out. Adjust up you AI as well
    If your not on a cycle and never have been can you take Raloxifene by it self??

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