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    Angry Steroids is working, but not they way I wanted it too!! Please help!!

    Hi Guys,

    I am male 41, 6'1'', 237 and 19% bf. I have been rejuvenation hormone therapy for the last 3 years. 200 mg per week of Cypionate , 1000-mcg HCG per week. I have gone from 205 to 237lb in this time, but I want to be more ripped now and not as big. I have tried HGH for 6 month at 5iu 5 day on 2 off, but I really did not notice any difference. I am now going to try Stanozolol 50mg twice a week to see if this helps. I work out 5 days a week with kick boxing as my cardio. I am still retaining some water and I just can't to seem to shed off the wait!!! Please help!!!!! What am I doing wrong!!!



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    First off, GH is meant to be run at a 6 month minimum and daily not on and off...
    Second taking winny twice a week won't do shit for you it's meant to be taken daily.
    Your test dose is for TRT purposes not to get huge and lean
    If you're retaining water try altering our diet and training regiment. Obviously something isn't working for you and lack of steroids is never the answer. If ou can't get where you want without them, you'll just fall back to where you were when you come off.
    Besides at that body fat% winny won't do almost anything visible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capebuffalo View Post
    This ^^. Are you taking one? If so, what and how much?
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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