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    halotestin vs. wnstrol

    Wanna run a quick short cycle just to get hard to look the shit for my fiancee's physique show. I'm 48 and have some existing joint issues from the construction i do. Would love to add some strength on top just for fun and ego, but money, of course is a small issue. Have never taken either but run lean, about 7% bodyfat and fairly strong. Any advice thoughts or input is much appreciated. Btw already leaning towards the halo.

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    This crap is not very good it turns your liver to a raisin and will most likely just hurt your existing joint issues and provide no real quality muscle growth. Much safe to run a test only cycle and the price should be about the same for you with 10 times better results. That’s my input for you anyways. Good luck.

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    You run 7% BF and are wanting to get leaner???

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadcuz1985 View Post
    You run 7% BF and are wanting to get leaner???
    For some of us, that's high.. If I can't see veins in my abs, I feel gross.

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    HALO is for strength sports IMO.

    What about VAR?

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    Oral only cycles are pointless. You will loose most or all of your gains once you come off. Winstrol is a bad idea if you have joint issues already bro. It supposedly strengthens them but because winny dries you out, it makes joints and tendons very brittle. Very easy to injure yourself during training. Halo is too harsh. Unless I was doing a show, I don't see the need for it.

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